Tuesday, October 9, 2012


As I became a (research) student at an AI laboratory this month (2012-10), I start writing in this blog on AI related topics.

My writings on AI in English so far are found at:
and in a blog article on Jeff Hawkins:

What I am going to study will be language acquisition by machines.  Hopefully the study will develop into a full-fledged artificial general intelligence research.

For the building block of artificial intelligence, I'm going to use kinds of self-organizing (neural) networks (algorithms).  While I'm hoping for the use of symbols to emerge from sub-symbolic patterns as it would occur in human brains consisting of neurons, current neural network simulators are difficult to deal with (for reasons such as it is computationally demanding and not apt for incremental learning).  Some self-organizing (neural) networks are (claimed to be) less problematic and I'm hoping they are good enough for simulating symbol emergence.

I'm aware that simply accumulating neural-network-like modules wouldn't make an intelligence.  Later studies should be focused on the realization of what is called executive function over a bunch of those modules.

More on later...

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