Monday, May 20, 2013

Imagining Situations (Human Cognitive Functions)

This is the 5th posting of explaining the figure on human cognitive functions. Today's topic is Imagination.

The line Imagining Situations coming from Association is in fact the major function of association, which presupposes Perceiving Situations discussed earlier, where it is suggested that situations may be represented as sequences of association.  Since THC (Temporal Hierarchical Categorizer) can associate temporal patterns with other temporal patterns, if sequences of association representing situation are given to THC as input, it will be able to associate the representation of a situation with another one.  Here, the input is not sensory but it is the representation of situations so that THC constitutes a recurrent loop.
Situations to be imagined are not only past situations but also ‘imaginary’ situations created by combining parts of (past) situations.

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